Status: Ongoing Studio: TBS Released: 2022 Country: Japanese Type: TV Director: Takemura Kentaro [竹村謙太郎] Starring: Arioka Daiki (1991), Harada Taizo (1970), Hotta Akane (1992), Itagaki Rihito (2002), Kiritani Kenta (1980), Murai Ryota (1988), Nishimura Motoki (1990), Ono Ito (1995), Sakou Yoshi (1958), Shibasaki Kou (1981), Takahashi Issei (1980), Tanaka Makoto (1995), Tani Kyosuke (1990), Yuki Moe (1994)

Shimura Takafumi is a detective, who works under an obsessive level belief that criminals must be punished. He will resort to any means to arrest criminals. Due to his excessive behavior, he has been demoted to a special investigation team that works on unsolved cases. He is ordered to work with Kiriko. Kiriko is known as Invisible, the crime coordinator in the underworld. She mediates transactions for organized criminals. Kiriko flies under the radar of many and even only a few in the police department are aware of her existence. One day, Kiriko suddenly offers to help the police arrest criminals. She is willing to provide information on unsolved cases and violent criminals. Her only condition is that she wants to work with Shimura Takafumi. Original Network: TBS ;