Investigation Meeting in the Living Room!

Status: Completed Studio: Released: 2018 Country: Japanese Type: TV Director: Starring: Katagiri Jin (1973), Matsushita Kouhei (1987), Mizuki Arisa (1976), Tanabe Seiichi (1969), Triendl Reina (1992)

Morikawa Shoko is a detective with the Criminal Investigations Department’s Special Unit. She has a strong sense of justice and became a police officer to make the best of her tremendous energy. Once there is a case, she will rush headlong against bad people. But at home, she finds housework bothersome and is hopeless at it. Shoko’s husband Akira is a mystery writer. He is exceptionally smart, genial and sensitive. Bo to a sporty family which ironically has served the police generation after generation, Akira went against the wishes of his parents to be a writer. However, his novels are too tedious and quite unpopular while his blog on household matters which he writes without any particular reason is a big hit. So he finds himself in the extremely complicated situation of a “charismatic house husband”. This odd couple solve various cases and mysteries with brain and brawn. Add their son Nao to the mix and information and deductions constantly fly about their living room. Also known as: 捜査会議はリビングで!