Status: Completed Studio: Released: 2021 Country: Korean Type: TV Director: Starring: Ahn Jeong Hoon (1997), Choi Jong Ho (ATEEZ) (2000), Choi San (ATEEZ) (1999), Danny Ahn (1978), Hyeon Seung Min (1999), Im Na Yeong (I.O.I) (1995), Jeong Yeon Ho (ATEEZ) (1999), Jo Jeong Chi (1978), Kang Chan Hee (Chani - SF9) (2000), Kim Min Seo (1996), Kim Yeong Kyoon (1999), Lee Hwi Seo (1997), Lee Joon Yeong (Jun) (1997), Lee Soo Woong (Boys Republic) (1995), Oh Hee Joon (1988), Park Ji Yeon (1993), Park Seong Hwa (1998), Park Yoo Ri (1994), Shim Eun Jin (1981), Yoon Jeong Seob (1983)

A drama based on the webtoon of the same name about the life of idols in the entertainment industry. Lee Ma Ha is a member of the K-pop girl group Tea Party. Despite the group’s lack of popularity, Ma Ha gained media attention due to her physical resemblance to popular solo singer La Ri Ma. During a reality show where idols participate in sports activities, Ma Ha accidentally injures Hyuk, a member of the famous boy group Shax. Another Shax member, Kwon Ryok, has a dislike for Ma Ha as a result of both the incident and her attempts to become more popular by imitating Ri Ma. However, the two are forced to cross paths in television programs and when they star in dramas together. Meanwhile, Ma Ha’s childhood friend and idol, Sparkling’s Lee Yoo Jin, has feelings for Ma Ha and tries to shield her from what he believes to be Ryouk’s negative intentions towards her.