Status: Ongoing Studio: Released: 2021 Country: Japanese Type: TV Director: Starring:

A naked handsome man drifts ashore on the coast of a certain region. Three high school girls who happened to discover this man, post a video of him on social media. The hashtag #handsomenakeddrifter starts trending and he suddenly becomes the man of the moment. He is called Hemingway because he had muttered the words “Winner Take Nothing”, which is the name of one of Eest Hemingway’s collection of short works, when he was found. At the hospital that he was rushed to for emergency treatment, Hemingway is diagnosed with near drowning from swimming a considerable distance as well as possible memory loss. The only clue to his identity is a tattoo that he sports on his left ankle. Meanwhile, a girl goes missing in the prefecture. Her disappearance is suspected to be connected to the serial murders of five girls in the past six months. As detectives Shibata Toshiya and Noma Kenta from the prefectural police and joualist Shintani Emi pursue this latest case, the girl is finally found. It tus out that the place where she was discovered is remarkably similar to the scenery that Hemingway had drawn. When this drawing is also posted on social media, people wonder if he has a prophetic ability. Emi hopes to interview him while Shibata suspects his involvement in the case. As Hemingway helps resolve a series of inexplicable incidents that happen around him, people start to fanatically believe in his divine power and worship him little by little. Despite the wild enthusiasm of the people, Hemingway himself remains consistent from beginning to end. People are the ones who pounce on his words, read his expressions and try to infer his identity. Who is Hemingway and what is the truth regarding the series of incidents? Also known as: Drifter