Hoshi Furu Yoru ni

On a Starry Night
Status: Ongoing Studio: Released: 2023 Country: Japanese Type: TV Director: Fukagawa Yoshihiro [深川栄洋] and Yamamoto Daisuke [山本大辅] Starring: Chiba Yudai (1989), Dean Fujioka (1980), Doronzu Ishimoto (1973), Kiryu Sakura (2004), Kitamura Takumi (1997), Komagine Kiita (2000), Mitsuishi Ken (1961), Miyazawa Miho (1973), Mizuno Miki (1974), Nagai Mijika (1993), Nakamura Riho (1999), Nekoze Tsubaki (1972), Wakabayashi Takuya (1997), Yoshitaka Yuriko (1988)

35-year-old gynaecologist Yukimiya Suzu works at a hospital in a peaceful seaside town. While she helps to bring new life into the world, she is emotionally wo out in this constrictive and suffocating society, and cannot be vulnerable to anyone. Suzu studied hard to become a doctor and as a result of working for money and status, she not only lost the friends who fought with her, but also the enthusiasm and dreams she once had. She leaed that society is not always on the side of those who are right and she will only get fatigued if she fights. Suzu decides to go camping alone to take a breather. As she drinks alcohol and looks up at the starry sky, Hiiragi Issei wordlessly moves towards her and takes a series of photos with his camera. Then he kisses her without waing. The next moing, when Suzu wakes up, the young man conveys something to her with hand gestures and leaves. This episode would become a irreplaceable fated encounter for each of them. Issei lives in a world with no sound. He has many interests, friends all over the world and follows his heart’s desires. Although Issei is 10 years her junior, and strangely overbearing and immature at times, he has a glow that cannot be missed. As Suzu interacts with him, her heart is gradually set free.