Hitotsubashi Kiriko no Hanzai Nikki

Hitotsubashi Kiriko’s Crime Diary
Status: Ongoing Studio: NHK Released: 2022 Country: Japanese Type: TV Director: Kasaura Tomochika [笠浦友愛] and Mayuzumi Rintaro [黛りんたろう] Starring: Iwata Takanori (1989), Katagiri Hairi (1963), Kimura Tae (1971), Kusakari Masao (1952), Matsuzaka Keiko (1952), Nagasawa Itsuki (2005), Uzaki Ryudo (1946), Yuki Saori (1948)

Hitotsubashi Kiriko is sinking into a pit of sorrow when her one and only best friend whom she lived with for three years, dies of illness. Living on a pension and working part-time is not easy, and the thought of having solitary death terrifies her. One day, she was fascinated by the statement of an arrested person she saw on TV which inspires her to commit crime so she could live in prison. And so, Kiriko’s “Life in Prison” plan began. As Kiriko proceeds with her crime plan, she finds new experiences and encounters. Original Network: NHK ;