Flight to You

向風而行 Xiang Feng Er Xing
Status: Ongoing Studio: Released: 2022 Country: Chinese Type: TV Director: Wang Zhi [王之] Starring: Bo Zi Cheng (1990), Cheng Tai Shen (1971), Guo Xiao Ran (1983), Jocelyn Zhou (1986), Kevin Yan (1994), Liu Jun (1972), Master Liu (1986), Nick Wang (1982), Seven Tan (1990), Shao Yu Qi (1990), Wang Zhi Gang (1974)

Largely inspired from 12 real-life airplane cases, the story follows an aspiring civil aviation pilot struggling to work with her cold and strict captain because of their personality clashes. However, after experiencing several risky and life-threatening aviation incidents together, they grow to value and eventually love each other.