First Penguin!

Fasuto Pengin!
Status: Ongoing Studio: NTV Released: 2022 Country: Japanese Type: TV Director: Uchida Hidemi [内田秀実] Starring: First Summer Uika (1990), Fukikoshi Mitsuru (1965), Ishizuka Rikuto (2015), Kajihara Zen (1966), Matsumoto Wakana (1984), Nakagoshi Noriko (1979), Nao Honda (1995), Shida Mirai (1993), Suzuki Nobuyuki (1992), Tsutsumi Shinichi (1964), Uemura Yuu (2002), Umezawa Tomio (1950), Watanabe Daichi (1990)

The “first penguin” is the courageous first penguin that dives into the sea filled with enemies. Iwasaki Nodoka is a young single mother with no money, no house, and no work. While Nodoka decides that she will do anything to eat, she meets a fisherman who offers her “10,000 yen to rebuild the coast”. Thus, Nodoka now carries the dreams of the local fishermen whose lives are on her shoulders. Despite her limited knowledge of the fishing industry, Nodoka does her best working with the stubbo sea men, breaks through the old common sense and customs with her boldness, and creates a revolution in the industry. Original Network: NTV ;