Eight Days Mystery of Jeong Jo Assassination

정조암살미스터리-8일 正祖暗殺ミステリー 8日 正祖暗殺神祕8日 正祖暗殺神秘8日 正祖暗殺之謎-8天 Jeongjo Amsal Miseuteori 8-Il Eight Days 8 Days Eight Days Assassination Attempts against King Jeongjo แปดวันพิฆาตศึก
Status: Ongoing Studio: CGV Released: 2007 Country: Korean Type: TV Director: Park Jong Won [박종원] Starring: Han Cheol Woo (1977), Jang Ki Yong (1956), Jeong Ae Ri (1960), Kim Ki Hyeon (1945), Kim Sang Joong (1965), Kim Seong Kyeom (1941), Lee Dae Yeon (1964), Lee Seon Ho (1981), Park Chan Hwan (1957), Park Geon Tae (1996), Park Jeong Cheol (1976), Park Soo Hyeon (1977)

The drama is about the assassination attempts on Emperor Jeong Jo’s life during the 8 day period when he left the palace for a ceremony to honor his father who was killed by his grandfather. Original Network: CGV;