Do You Like Brahms?

Beuramseureul Joahaseyo Beuramseuleul Jonghahaseyo Please Love Brahms Liking Brahms
Status: Completed Studio: Released: 2020 Country: Korean Type: TV Director: Jo Yeong Min [조영민] Starring: Kim Min Jae (1996), Lee Yoo Jin (1992), Park Eun Bin, Park Ji Hyeon (1994), Song Ji Won

“Do You Like Brahms?” is a drama about students at a prestigious music school and the people in their lives. It will tell the stories of the students experiencing lessons, practicing, performing, and competitions since a very young age along with their parents and teachers who obsess over these processes. Park Joon Young, started playing piano when he was six years old. He won prominent competitions in the country before going on to win competitions across the world. Chae Song Ah, a college senior majoring in violin performance. After graduating previously as a business major, she entered the same university again to go to the music school after four attempts and is seven years older than her classmates.