Do Dream

Status: Completed Studio: vLive Released: 2018 Country: Korean Type: TV Director: Starring: Heo Yeong Joo (1992), Jeong Eun Hye (1990), Kim Yeong Sang (1997), Kwon Chae Won (Eun Chae) (1999), Lee Joo Eun (DIA) (1995), Lee So Yool (1996)

Jung Si Yeon is just your average high school student. Sweet and spunky, she spends her carefree days hanging out with her best friend, Yoon Hee, and crushing on the new transfer student, Sung Hyun. When she finds out Sung Hyun was a drummer in a band, she tells him she’s in a band as well, in a desperate attempt to impress him. Guilt-ridden by her hasty actions, Si Yeon quickly becomes terrified she’ll be caught in a messy lie. To make things right, Si Yeon quickly assembles a group of classmates to form an actual band. Together with Lee So Yeon, the school’s resident delinquent and musical genius, Go Yu Na, an honor student with a magical voice, Yoon Hee, and Sung Hyun, Si Yeon forms the band, “Do Dream”. When a school band contest offers a 5 million won prize, the band members agree, winning should be their number one goal. But dreams don’t come true, just because you want them to and being in a band is harder than anyone realized. Through the ups and downs of life, love and friendship, these five students are determined to do whatever it takes to make their dreams come true. Original Network: vLive; Also known as: 두드림