Dear X Who Doesn’t Love Me

러브노트 Nareul Saranghaji Anhneun Xege Nareul Saranghaji Atneun Xege Robeunoteu Love Note To X Who Doesn’t Love Me To X Who Doesn’t Love Me
Status: Ongoing Studio: Viki Released: 2022 Country: Korean Type: TV Director: Ko Jae Hong [고재홍] Starring: Bang Jae Min (a.mond) (1999), Han Ji Hyo (2000), Kim Do Yeong (Doyoung - NCT 127) (1996), Kim Ji Hoon (2001), Kwon Ah Reum (1996), Son Hyeon Woo (1996)

Seo Hee Soo is a university student and she wants to become a song lyricist. She has never had a boyfriend in her life and her self-esteem is almost zero. She happens to find a mysterious lyrics notebook that makes love come true for the writer. Her best friend Jung Shi Ho is the only one who knows about Seo Hee Soo’s lyrics notebook. Seo Hee Soo soon gets involved with different men. Original Network: Viki ;