Cinderella is Online

Shinderera Wa Onrainchu
Status: Completed Studio: Released: 2021 Country: Japanese Type: TV Director: Starring: Kawamura Umino (1996), Kawase Riko (1996), Nakamura Riho (1999), Seto Toshiki (1995), Tsuihiji Anna (2000)

College student Arisawa Ichika is indifferent to romance and crazy about the online game ‘Tenkyo’. Her avatar Vivi is in a virtual relationship with top player Leon. Upon meeting Leon in person, he tus out to be the campus prince, Onoda Asahi. He’s popular, athletic, and even owns a gaming company. Attracted to each other, they start dating. Trouble looms when a co-worker and the campus Belle enter the picture. Arisawa even becomes the target of slander, courtesy of those who are jealous of her. Also known as: シンデレラはオンライン中 , Shinderera Wa Onrainchu