Cho Ningen Yosai: Hiroshi Senki

Chou Ningen Yousai: Hiroshi Senki Super Human Fortress Hiroshi Senki Super Human Fortress Record of Hiroshi War
Status: Ongoing Studio: Released: 2023 Country: Japanese Type: TV Director: Doi Shohei [土井祥平] Starring: Daito Shunsuke (1986), First Summer Uika (1990), Fukikoshi Mitsuru (1965), Mamehara Issei (JO1) (2002), Saito Takumi (1981), Takayama Kazumi (Nogizaka46) (1994), Yamanouchi Suzu (2001)

Hiroshi is a seemingly ordinary young man that works part-time at a gyoza shop, but the reality is he’s actually a fortress for a planet! Each of his movements is produced by someone inside him steering, which is why he goes through life without getting entangled with other humans. Due to an incident, Shizuka begins to have feelings for Hiroshi, and Akemi suddenly becomes captain of the fortress and must handle these new complications while trying to find a new future for her planet. Adapted from the manga series “Cho Ningen Yosai: Hiroshi Senki” (超人間要塞ヒロシ戦記) written by Oma Kuro (大間九郎) and illustrated by Matsuda Kota (まつだこうた).