Buchou to Shachiku no Koi Modokashii

Bucho to Shachiku no Koi wa Modokashi The Love Between the Director and the Company Livestock Is Frustrating
Status: Ongoing Studio: TV Tokyo Released: 2022 Country: Japanese Type: TV Director: Yuasa Hiroaki [湯浅弘章] and Horie Takahiro [堀江貴大] Starring: Maruyama Tomomi (1975), Nagata Takato (1993), Nakamura Yurika (1997), Ono Rina (2000), Sano Gaku (1992), Takezai Terunosuke (1980)

Maruyama Mayumi is an OL who loves her job and has taken a liking to her manager Tsutsumi Tsukasa who is strict about work and insists on knocking off on time. The two end up spending a night together after a drinking session with colleagues but Mayumi is flabbergasted when Tsukasa tells her the following moing that she should know what to do in the aftermath since they are both adults. Adapted from the manga “Buchou to Shachiku no Koi Modokashii” (部長と社畜の恋はもどかしい) by Shimo. Original Network: TV Tokyo;