Bloody Heart

Status: Completed Studio: Released: 2022 Country: Korean Type: TV Director: Starring: Cha Soon Bae (1972), Choi Ri (1995), Heo Seong Tae (1977), Jang Hyeok (1976), Kang Han Na (1989), Kim Yeong Goo (1977), Lee Joon (1988), Park Ji Bin (1995), Park Ji Yeon (1988), Park Seong Yeon (1975), Yoon Seo Ah (2000)

“Red Heart” is a fictional historical series that focuses on the political rivalry between Lee Tae and Park Gye Won. Lee Tae’s (Lee Joon) father became the king of a new dynasty with the help of Park Gye-Won (Jang Hyuk). After succeeding his father, Lee Tae then became the next king. Lee Tae ( Lee Joon ) wants to become an absolute monarch, unlike his father. His goal is to eliminate Park Kye Won and the anti-govement officials in order to strengthen the royal power. Park Kye Won ( Jang Hyuk ) is a powerful aristocrat who wishes to take over Joseon after successfully leading a rebellion against the tyrant and making him a figurehead. Jo Won Pyo ( Ho Song Tae ) is the Minister of War. He has been a good friend of Park Gye Won since the rebellion. Won Pyo is also the second most powerful person in the state. Yoo Jung ( Kang Han Na ) is a daughter of a noble family. Lee Tae thinks of her as his wife.  Her family becomes involved in a bitter struggle for power within the walls of the palace. Also known as: 붉은단심 Bulgeundansim / Red Heart /Red Single Heart Airs from 05/02/2022 on Mondays and Tuesdays at 21:30