Status: Ongoing Studio: Released: 2023 Country: Korean Type: TV Director: Starring: Choi Shi Won (1986), Heo Joon Ho (1964), Jeong Da Eun (2001), Jo Wan Ki (1982), Kim Sae Ron (2000), Kim Seo Kyeong (1985), Lee Sang Yi (1991), Park Seong Woong (1973), Woo Do Hwan (1992), Yoon Yoo Seon (1969)

“Bloodhounds” follows the story of Gun-Woo, a talented boxer forced to leave the ring to repay his mother’s debts to the dangerous loan shark Myung-Gil. Entering the world of money lending, Gun-Woo joins the enigmatic CEO Choi, who made a sudden retu to the business with a new approach – lending money without interest. Gun-Woo, along with co-workers Hyun-Joo and Woo-Jin, assist CEO Choi in his mission to help those in need. As they work together, they uncover the truth behind CEO Choi’s mysterious disappearance and the reasons behind his altruistic actions. “Bloodhounds” is a heart-warming tale of sacrifice, redemption, and the power of lending a helping hand. Adapted from the webtoon “Hunting Dogs” (사냥개들) by Jung Chan (정찬).

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