Ase to Sekken

Sweat and Soap
Status: Ongoing Studio: MBS Released: 2022 Country: Japanese Type: TV Director: Shibue Shuhei [渋江修平] Starring: Ikeuchi Mansaku (1972), Kudo Haruka (1999), Mokudai Kazuto (2004), Mori Yusaku (1989), Nakata Ayaka (1993), Ohira Shuzo (2001), Ouhara Yunou (1999), Sato Kanta (1996)

A love story between Natori Kotaro who works as a product development planner at a cosmetics and bath products company and has a fetish for smells and Yaeshima Asako who works in the accounting department and has an inferiority complex about her body smell when she sweats. Original Network: MBS;