Accidentally Meow On You

我的氧气女友 Yi Bu Xiao Xin Miao Shang Ni Wo De Yang Qi Nu You My Oxygen Girlfriend
Status: Ongoing Studio: Tencent Video Released: 2021 Country: Chinese Type: TV Director: Ming Yan [明焱] Starring: Hu Bing Qing, Hu Jia Xin (2001), Li Yun Rui (1996), Xing Zhao Lin (1997)

A tsundere boss meets an exceptionally strong girl who ends up working as an assistant in the entertainment industry. Used to getting their daily cat fix online, a different kind of romance sparks over their love for cats. The athletic Zhou Tian was forced to suspend her career due to the relapse of an old injury. Somehow, she stumbles into the entertainment circle and finds work as an assistant. Thereafter, Zhou Tian accidentally connects with a netizen through their common love for cats online. They gradually share their thoughts and feelings with each other. Unexpectedly, the ‘netizen’ that Zhou Tian had such good conversation with tus out to be the stone-faced CEO Ji Chen. Original Network: Tencent Video;