17 Sai no Teikoku

17-Year-Old Empire
Status: Ongoing Studio: NHK Released: 2022 Country: Japanese Type: TV Director: Kuwano Tomohiro [桑野智宏] and Nishimura Takegoro [西村武五郎] Starring: Hoshino Gen (1981), Kamio Fuju (1999), Kawai Yumi (2000), Mochizuki Ayumu (2000), Sometani Shota (1992), Yamada Anna (2001)

In the year 202X, Japan feels a deep sense of stagnation and has been branded by the world as a country on the decline. Wanting to break free of this endless situation, Prime Minister Washida sets up an experimental project Utopi-AI. Commonly known as the UA concept, leaders are selected from all over the country by AI and made to gove cities that have degenerated. It has been said that the reason why young people cannot take charge of politics is their lack of experience. AI has a massive amount of data that one person cannot possibly “experience”. In other words, AI can supplement any amount of “experience”. As if to prove it, AI chooses 17-year-old Maki Aran who is immature and wants an ideal society, to be the Prime Minister. The other members are all young people around the age of 20. Maki and his compatriots use AI to push forward reforms to regenerate the degenerated regional cities as the experimental city UA. Original Network: NHK ;